Lines both

Lines both This bright sun, This summer hot!

line we raise hands up, we open palms and rastopyrivay fingers.

line we lower hands, we stroke cheek palms.

lines both hands serially we stroke a nose, hands and hips.

lines hands from hips we lower everything below, to ankles.

lines again we raise hands with the opened palms.

Near the box the dog dozes, Sleeps, having closed a paw a nose.

Forgot to feed him, From a lead did not unhook, And our hungry Trezor Sadly protects the yard.

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The boy got a fright, jumped

The boy got a fright, jumped From your rope all foot hurts me and aches!

That you knew, what flour you caused me, I will also tie you for foot a rope, I will let to run, and itself I will pull a rope.

And not Kolya as on a foot at him the rope came to be managed to come round.

The boy got a fright, jumped off from a bed and took to the heels, and the rope does not let, crashes into a foot more and more.

Let, I will not torment bugs any more!

Kolya began to ask.

Here the bug so strongly pulled a rope that the boy did not keep, fell to a floor and with loud shout.

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Her so tried

Her so tried The concept of a Higher power is confusing.

It is better to say that we gradually in know the General nature disclosed that it is controlled by one power.

Her so tried to discover the albert Einstein!

In principle, today, physics AP passage to its disclosure.

But for our improvement and proper re nutrition of children and their adaptation to the new reality to be United in agrarnoi nature, we all understand this, drop us nature exploring and understanding her mind, without fanaticism, mysticism and prayers.

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The caravan

The caravan Whether you will release them if I give you gold twice it is more?

the young man asked.

The caravan of a basha looked at it derisively and continued the way.

Then the young man got rid of a leather bag and opened it before a basha caravan.

The caravan of a basha stopped, without trusting the to eyes, and having thought, what wealth to it is offered, immediately ordered to caravaneers to untie birds.

Having hardly felt freedom, birds at once rose in the sky.

Was them very much that in a flash day turned at night, and from waves of wings the hurricane blew over on the ground.

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At our Manya's nested

At our Manya's nested lines a forefinger into the account we stroke each finger of other hand in the direction from the basis to a tip.

lines we connect palms and roundabouts we pound them with the small by effort.

At our Manya's nested doll Five devchonochek in a pocket.

Manya we open, To Zine we take out.

Here opened to Zine, Pulled out Nina.

And we got from Nina Darkbrowed Natalya.

And in Natasha Dasha sat up.

Dasha we opened, Let out to Lille.

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